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14 Ideas on How to REALLY Make Love

14 Ideas on How to REALLY Make Love

  1. Making love= Sex+Presence+Embodiment+Openness+Curiosity+Intimacy

  2. Share fantasies without expectations.

  3. Allow sensation, pleasure, and desire be your guide.

  4. Get curios and creative!

  5. No one is solely responsible and both parties make it TOGETHER.

  6. There is no goal… not orgasm… not penetration….so TAKE YOUR TIME.

  7. Avoid shaming and blaming… “I feel,,,” “I want…"

  8. Consent is essential. Ask your lover what they want and how long they want it. Talk long before the clothes come off. If you can't discuss it.... you can't do it!

  9. Where they is an “ick”…. there is a “yum”… “No, I don’t want a massage on my shoulders but I DO want one on my legs!”

  10. You can do it with your clothes on with little movement, cuddling is very powerful when added with breath.

  11. Show and tell! Ask and guide.

  12. Throw out what you read in the books and saw in movies…. Listen to your bodies.

  13. Know each time is a new time, and what you want changes as you age.

  14. The more you make love to each other, the more you can grow in intimacy and love. Reaching deeper and expensive levels.


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