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Top 10 Ways to Ruin Your Sex Life

Top 10 Ways to Ruin Your Sex Life

Number one, Treat intercourse and orgasm as the key to enjoying sex.

Number two, Shame yourself or shame your partner about masturbation.

Number three, Treat fantasies like realities rather than a key to understanding a symbolic inner world

Number four, Have "sexy" sex, rather than sex that feels good (P.S. Avoid looking or sounding weird to really kill it).

Number five, Use sex as a way of trading for other things you want, rather than a a way of both people exploring thier intimacy, likes, desires, and needs together.

Number six, Dont' set time aside for sex, like an HOUR or so, and don't prioritizing sex. Make sure you wait until the end of the day and put pressure on you and your partner.

Number seven, Put your "fuck" everywhere else in the universe but not with your partner.

Number eight, Do not be honest about your sexual, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs and wants during, before, and after the process. Infact, avoid talking about it at all.

Number nine, Do not continue to grow as a sexual person yourself... this includes emotionally, mentally, and spiritually while you are at it.

Number ten, Expect that your sexual life will always look the same, and don't realizing that sex changes our whole entire life, let alone day-to-day.

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